Lost · Singularity

迷蹤 · 奇點

16/3 – 13/4 2024

View of 'Lost · Singularity' at The Alter Space, 2024

The fear of the future stems from uncertainty. In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence will penetrate our lives in unprecedented ways, venturing into uncharted territories. In this epoch-making process, will we, as ordinary individuals, move towards prosperity, succumb to destruction, or unexpectedly encounter the ultimate “singularity”?

As we dream of AI solving detestable tasks, as we instantaneously become professional photographers with high-end digital cameras, and as we habitually express emotions with emojis on our smartphones, our lives undergo subtle yet profound changes. Gradually, facial expressions become rare, language becomes monotone, and conversations dwindle due to fewer occurrences. Many tasks are automated, and even trivial matters may be forgotten.

This artwork delves into modern society from an artistic perspective, revealing the increasing reliance on smartphones and computers, forsaking genuine human interaction. Detail, language, and emotion seem discarded, as if everything is digitized. How can “love” be quantified on a scale of 1 to 10, yet hate and loss between 7 and 8 remain unaccounted for? Can emojis truly convey complex emotions? Have the emotions and eye contact in conversations been extinguished? Are the unheard subtle noises losing their significance? While humanity pursues internet speed, precious historical resources are lost, as humanity and events are formatted and digitized, emotions are reduced to zero, and passion is deleted outright.

The artwork’s visual approach attempts to express concrete concepts abstractly, breaking conventional lines and forms. Is it a pile of seemingly worthless waste paper or the intersection of various spirits and desires among people? Each encounter of colors, each overlap of points, is dramatic and unexpected. Vivid colors depict the minutiae of real-life, while the plot unfolds in a bewildering manner. “Nonexistence” coexists with “existence,” the ordinary “point” alongside the trigger of a cosmic shift, ensuring eternal hope…





What does ‘Lost · Singularity’ means?
The main idea here is to highlight that when ordinary people see something seemingly insignificant, they may tend to ignore it or not give it much thought or respect. But does that mean it truly doesn’t exist? Not necessarily. In fact, it often means they haven’t seen the core of it, and this core might be more important than anything else.


Why the concept of collage?
This is actually quite an interesting and personal reason. I spent a long time in other creative mediums in the past and set aside painting. But when I wanted to pick it up again, I asked myself, what should I paint? How should I paint it? In the end, I chose to “not paint” anything; because no matter what I paint, viewers would inevitably compare it to my more representative art toys. So I chose to go directly abstract, not even using brushes.

這個其實很有趣很私人的原因,因為過去我花了很長時間在其他創作媒介上,而放下了繪畫,但當希望從新pick up時在想,我究竟要畫甚麽?怎麼畫?最後我選擇了「不畫」任何;因為我畫甚麽,觀者都一定會拿我比較有代表性的arttoy作比較,所以就選擇直接地去抽象吧,連筆也不拿地去作畫。

Is pasting Chinese rice paper onto canvas meant to signify the intersection of East and West?
There wasn’t a deliberate intention to express the broad theme of East or West. I grew up in Hong Kong, where it’s easy and natural for me to use familiar materials. It just happened that this could be well utilized to express my ideas.


How do you choose your themes?
Regarding themes, I believe it must be something I personally love. This is crucial! It must never be done just for the sake of doing it. I grew up in subcultures, surrounded by anime, movies, video games, etc. These are like flowing in my blood. Also, in my past work experiences, from advertising, illustration, art toys, to fashion, I frequently encountered these IPs and characters. It’s like my mode of communication and language with everyone around me, and thus, themes naturally emerge.

主題方面,我相信一定是需要我自己喜愛的,這很重要!絕對不能為做而做。我從小就在次文化中成長,動漫、電影、電子遊戲等,可以說這些都在血液裏流動。同時,在我過去的工作上,由從事廣告、插畫、arttoy,以至時裝等,經常地接觸著這些IP 及chatacter,可以說是我和身邊所有人的溝通模式及語言,而主題就悠然而生了~


Untitled 1, 2021
Acrylic and Chinese Paper Collage on Canvas
160 x 160 cm

In your works, there’s often a collage effect resembling blooming flowers. Is there a special intention behind it?
Simply put, I believe artworks have life; this is the core of the artwork. Like a miscellaneous flower sprouting from a seed, it belongs to the artwork itself.


Are there any special messages you convey to the audience?
I hope the audience can set aside their identities, subjectivity, and ego, and return to the ignorant childhood days, where everything was a question and a desire for knowledge. Seriously observe the artwork, and I believe you’ll discover more, things that have always been around you but whose value you’ve overlooked.


Sakura, 2018 - 100 x 54 x 45 cm
Right Click, 2018 - Acrylic and Chinese Paper Collage on Cement 17 x 40 x 10 cm
Untitled 3,4,5 - 2019 Acrylic and Chinese Paper Collage on Canvas 80 x 80 cm

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