Established in 1997 and headquartered in Tokyo, DEVILROBOTS is a renowned design team celebrated for their diverse array of characters, art toys, and artworks, alongside their work in graphics, audio-visuals, websites, CD jackets, apparel, and more. Their unique style blends a touch of mischief with robotic themes, resulting in an original world that balances cuteness with darker undertones. Their most famous creation, To-Fu Oyako, has garnered global recognition and a devoted following.

The 25th Anniversary Exhibition showcases a comprehensive collection of original artworks, collectible art prints, and exclusive art toys celebrating DEVILROBOTS’ iconic characters and captivating art, which has garnered a strong global following of fans and collectors. All paintings featured in this exhibition were directed and painted by DEVILROBOTS’ Art Director, Mr. Shinichiro Kitai (“Shin”).